Wednesday, 31 August 2011

NEW CAMERA. Yay now I will try and post more. If I can be bothered.

But yeah, hey again. Yesterday was my birthday and I got a few lovely things like  a camera, which is a Nikon Coolpix L120. It's one of the best cameras in its price range which is pretty nifty... I also got this lovely 1970's collared dress. It's pretty much a perfect fit, fortunately for me.
Another birthday score was this lovely high waisted floral maxi which happens to go quite well with my favourite 'lazy-cardi-.
This wasn't a birthday present, though I did successfully thrift it a few weeks ago. I've been looking for a cheap apron. My sister has a pink frilly one with lacy pockets and all, but she never lets me wear it. So thankfully I nabbed this one for 50c. At the op shop where I found it, another lady picked it up before me and carried it around the shop for a while with her other items as I kept my eye on it. Finally she sighed and put it back because the tag said $5, so I grabbed it as soon as she was out of sight. Since I go to that thrift shop so often, the women that work there know me quite well and give me discounts every time I go so I got it for a lot cheaper that it was supposed to be so I bought it before the other lady who had it before me saw it. Just as I was walking out the door theshe walked over to the table where she left the apron, sighed, and walked up to the counter to ask about it. I quickly ran away before she saw me with it. I just couldn't bring myself to part with it.

But on other news, 13th birthdays are supposed to be super exciting and what-not, but really, they are not. To be honest, I actually forgot it was my birthday yesterday when I woke up. That was until my dad burst through the door and screamed "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".  But um yeah he got me a book called 'My Cool Campervan' which is full of pretty retro campervans and I've wanted it for ages so thats cool. He also got me a 12 month subscription to Frankie Magazine

Also, you should all go to Kaelah Bee's blog and enter to win a wonderful Jensen record player! All you have to do is leave a comment saying what record you would play on it along with your email address.

 Anywayyyyyyy...... I suppose I will see you soon!

erin. x

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