Saturday, 27 August 2011

She wore a skirt with flowers...

Hello dearies,

Today mother and I went birthday shopping. My birthday is this tuesday and hers happens to be the day before mine, so we figured we should go shopping and buy each other some prezzies. We went to a load of op-shops. Annerley is Brisbane seems to have so many great thrift shops. One of them is a lifeline 'vintage revival' so it has some amazing retro pieces. Mum bought me a beautiful short 70's dress. It's black with white and yellow flowers. Collared and short sleeved. It's a perfect fit! As I was trying it on, I came out of the change room wearing it, to show my sister, and literally everyone in the store swarmed around me saying how great it looked on me. Although there was only about 7 people in there. Anyhow, I also got this super-comfy high-waisted maxi skirt from a vinnies, also at Annerley. I don't actually get either of them until tuesday, but i'm also getting a camera for my birthday so I'll be able to show you both of them with my new camera! But I shall show you some crappy iPhone quality pictures that I managed to take whilst my phone still had battery at the Annerley Antique Centre...

This fringed leather jacket was so great, but it was $99. This one was from Vintage Revival.
This was easily my favourite thing I spotted at the antique centre. 'Twas an antique, fully working dentist chair. It's a shame I don't carry an extra $3500 around with me.
so. many. bow ties.
This dress would have been amazing. But I didn't have time to try it on, unfortunately.

Hope to see you all again soon, 
Erin. (:

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