Friday, 28 October 2011


Okay, I'm sorry. But I'm back. I've been a bit busy over the past two weeks, but anyhow...

I went and climbed a mountain for a protest for Coal Seam Gas.

We went to the highest point of the tippy-top of that mountain way up there.

Then I watched A Clockwork Orange. Which was amazing. If you haven't seen it, then you haven't lived.

Then I went to the park and ate the best macarons ever.

Went op-shopping with Grace multiple times. When I can be bothered to take some pictures of my buys, then I shall post about them.

Then I did loads of practise for Zombie Walk makeup.

Practised a bullet hole on the sister,  Zoe. This is without the blood, obviously.

I didn't get a picture of it when it was properly finished, so this is the only picture I got with blood. But this was when I'd already started washing it off. So it has water on it and half the blood's gone already.

Then a few days later we were off to Zombie Walk.

Creepy face was not intentional. I blinked when the photo was taken. But it looked appropriate anyway.

Bullet hole in my leg. I figured I would pour the rest of the blood on once we arrived, so that I didn't coat the seats on the train in fake blood.

Finally arrived!

Some walkers were cute, 

Some, not so cute.

Some weren't Zombie's, but were still awesome. (Seriously, it''s the Hitcher. Yet again, if you haven't seen The Mighty Boosh, you haven't lived.)

Some people got really into it.

Some were scary,

And some weren't human!

Oh, and there were ALOT of tourists taking pictures.

Then as we were walking home a couple getting wedding pictures taken asked for a photo with us! Coolest.  Wedding photo.  EVER.

That's all for now, folks!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Oh! You pretty things.

Yesterday, I went exploring through Mt Tamborine. I probably blended in with all of the japanese tourists everywhere as I was just taking pictures of pretty much anything. But my first stop, was a lovely little kitschy, retro, inspiring and wonderful shop, known as Kitty's Vintage Kitsch, which I'm fairly certain most of you will have heard of.

I was so excited to finally visit Kitty's shop.

There were lovely radios, 

Pretty pictures, 

Lots and lots of cute kitties

I was so tempted to buy this.

I LOVE these little teacups. They look so cute and plastic-y but they're glass.

I fell in love with the bakelite blender. It's so perfect, but then again, why do I need a blender?

For weeks I've been looking for a gem iron and I just happened to find TWO here. I ended up buying the one on the right and I can't wait to use it.

Words cannot explain the beauty of this.

My grandmother had these exact yellow and green tins. We still have them at my dad's house actually.

This table was just insanely gorgeous.

More pretty stuff..
Only once I had gotten home, did I notice that amazing blue lamp on the left. (I think it's a lamp)

On my way out I noticed this. I would have to say it's easily the coolest this I saw that day.

Next, it was off to Long St. First, we stopped at a cute little fairy shop, which I wasn't allowed to take pictures in, unfortunately.

Then I went to the cuckoo clock shop...

Then I saw some cute cars, 

I watched flying pigs

And then I met a mouse called Randy.

Mama bear found a pretty shop,

Then she bought a pretty dress.

Then I saw more cute cars,

Then we headed home.
See you soon!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

opshop/rummage haul

I pinky promised you in the last post that I would post pictures of my opshop and suitcase rummage scores from the past week. An dI managed to keep that promise. 
Here we go...

On Sunday I bought this adorable necklace from Holly of Pannikin. It was only $1 and I actually don't really own that much jewellery. So I bought this along with a little plastic dinosaur necklace.

I couldn't leave this one. I wouldn't have cared how much it is,  I needed this top. I wore a purple and pink version just like it when I was five to my mum's wedding. I was so lovely, but I think it got lost during the Queensland floods at the start of this year. So I had to have it. I wore a tiny pink and purple one with matching pants. My Mum didn't even wear a dress to her wedding. She just wore a black shirt with bright patchwork flare pants (which I'm extremely envious of, those pants are like heaven) and clunky mary jane shoes. 
Mum and Steve- Wedding 2003
Myself at the wedding, 2003. I'd literally just turned five. Mum and Steve actually got married on my fifth birthday. :)

These jeans were from an op shop I've only just discovered. It's only a 10-15 minute bike ride from my dad's house and nearly everything is $2. Which is pretty nifty. And they have an amazing collection of 'Mom Jeans'. I just want them all.  But I am a tiny person and I barely fit anything normal people sized. So that kinda sucks.

Yay! High waisted tartan pants! These were from a lovely lady at suitcase rummage. Her entire stall was just hippy clothes everywhere. There was a nice vibe around there. Everything was tie dye and floaty. And everything was cheap too!

My old high-waisted shorts are far too small now, so for $2 I couldn't pass these up.

Two new tops! The one on the right is this awesome Christmas-y-ish Hawaiian shirt thing. And the other one is just a nice yellowy sweater top with short poofy sleeves. 

According to my sister, this top looks like scrambled eggs.

I don't really own many miniskirts and I really liked the print on this one. This was also from the nice hippy lady.

Seriously. Perfect fitting-floral-pastel-frilly-poofy dress. How can I not?

You may protest, but I have a secret love for velvet. I bought another purple one with lace and little 3D roses too. But it
a a really weird shape.

Ugh I love high waisted flares. Especially clown tartan ones.

To be honest I don't actually know whether this would be 60's or 70's. I'm a bit hopeless. But It's so gorgeous.

I also thrifted this lovely fabric for $2. I think I'm going to hang it over my doorway or perhaps make it into a curtain.

Hopefully I'll see you again soon!