Friday, 5 August 2011

Fringey McFringe Fringe.

Today I cut myself a fringe. It was a bad, bad, bad idea. It's crooked and it looks really stupid when I have my hair down, but it looks alright-ish when I have my hair up.

Photographic evidence that I look like a freak.
Also, I got this amazing dress the other day from my mum's rich friend who was throwing away heaps of clothes, and she just happened to let me rummage through all of it. I scabbed 2 garbage bags full of amazing clothes. But anyway, here's the dress.
Dress: Second hand
Jacket: Henleys Premium $49 (I think)
Badges: Thrift Shop 

I look really stupid in the picture but the dress is so comfy, as is my leather jacket. I absolutely adore the fabric, it's pale pink with pink poodle all over it. Unfortunately there's a huge rip just below the right sleeve going down to my waist. Which I'm planning on getting fixed asap.

See you all soon. :)

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