Tuesday, 6 September 2011

market princess

 A few days ago I went to suitcase rummage (again), and held a stall (again). Seeing as I have my own camera now,  I managed to take a couple of photos at the little time I wasn't minding the stall...

This was our stall. It was a little cramped seeing as we had a lot more things to sell than last time, but it went alright.

 And these are my new favourite thing. I got a perfect fitting pair of black Dr. Martens for just $10!

 I also bought this dress for $2.50 and it makes me feel like a cross between a disney princess and a pile of lace and tule.
 And I bought this lovely 'Little Old Lady Hat' -as my lovely friend Holly calls it- for only $8 from a super nice lady with Chelsea Cut and a blue fringe who is called Zen.

Hopefully I shall see you soon! 



  1. Lace dress + old lady hat + Doc Martin's = Perfect 10 of an ensemble. Great finds!

  2. Indeed it is! I'm just waiting for an occasion where I can where all three!