Thursday, 4 August 2011

Well hello again...

Yesterday my mum took me into town, which is half an hours drive seeing as we live in the middle of nowhere. She had to go have a meeting with someone so I though I'd check out the local op-shops. I didn't score as much as I probably will this weekend at Suitcase Rummage this weekend, but I got a few great things...

These awesome novetly barretes for 50c each. 
These two badges for 50c each. The little chiefs badge is possibly one of the best badges I've ever owned.
Painted this mask and I'm planning on doing some more details on it but I'm not sure what to paint. Ideas?
This pair of earrings for $1.
And this pair of earrings which are totally awesome. 

I made a few more cards to sell this weekend at my Suitcase Rummage stall. I'll be selling handmade/handpainted greeting cards. If you're in brisbane this Sunday come check it out. At suitcase rummage it's pretty much a flea market kind of thing. Most of the stalls are vintage/retro clothing and stuff. But there's lots of handmade crafty stuff too. So yeah. Come along.

This badass card is easily my favourite. ^
And the card below was drawn by my older sister and painted by me. Although it's a little bit smudged..

Hopefully I shall see you all again soon..

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