Sunday, 7 August 2011

To market, to market.

Today I went to suitcase rummage. I held my own little stall where I sold handmade cards and old clothes. It started 'officially' at midday, but most people got there and started buying and selling around 11-ish. I kept my stall set up until about 4:30 then packed up and went for a look around until 5. From 10:30-4:30 I managed to earn just over $70, which is pretty impressive seeing as I was only selling crappy cards and old clothes that I though absolutely no one would want. When I went looking around I bought an authentic leather fringed vest, a tie-dye smock-vest-thing and a Rolling Stones tee. I had some cards made by my mum and sister for sale too, but surprisingly they didn't sell as well as mine. I think it's just because as of the customers thought I was tiny and cute so they bought mine. Atleast 5 groups of asian tourists told me I was really cute and asked me for photos with them. One tourist guy even bought a card and then asked me to sign the back of it for him. It was weird.

^This one was hand drawn and hand painted by my fifteen year-old sister.
This one was also done by my sister.

Surprisingly, none of my sister's cards sold at all, even though they're great. 
As soon as I get back home, I pinky promise I will post pictures of this weekends buys from the rummage and hopefully I can find some pictures of my outfit...

Anyhow, hope to see you all soon! 

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