Wednesday, 7 September 2011

simply white.

Today I went op shopping. Not a major op shopping trip, just to the very few ones around me. Being two.
But yeah, I went to Salvos and the only thing I really found was this amazing dress. It fits me perfectly and its a really nice shape and I've actually been looking for a dress with this neck shape for a while now. The only annoying thing is that the highest I can bring my arms up is straight out the side. But it only cost me $5! When I forst saw it I thought it was a wedding dress. But now I'm not sure whether it's a bridal gown, bridesmaids dress or just a nice fancy gown.

 See you soon! Erin. xx


  1. Oh it's a goodie Erin! I love the fabric and the bow detail at the waist - bargain for five bucks!! Maybe ladies weren't "supposed" to move around much in these frocks - imagine wearing it to a party now, not sure it would survive but it would be worth a try:))

  2. The fabric is so unbelievably soft! The lady at the op shop only gave it to me for five bucks because it has a little stain on the back of the neck, but otherwise, it's in perfect condition. And yeah, I guess it perhaps isn't exactly meant for dancing or anything. haha.
    Thanks, Erin. :)