Thursday, 15 September 2011

beachy keen.

Well hello again... I seem to have lost the battery for my camera, meaning I can't take pictures. But this week my family and I went to stay by the beach for the week. Today we went for a swim at an off-leash dog beach. All week I've been forced to run around with our dog while he drags me around the beach on his leash until today. But as we were frolicking around today my darling mother took some photos of our lovely day...

This was when a random dog attacked me and licked my face. He was quite nice actually.

Zoe (my sister), Steve (my stepdad) and myself.

Getting the boogie boards ready. 

Mr and Steve ridin' the waves.

Mr and myself bein' fine and dandy.
Now, I am sitting in bed writing this post and eating choc mint macarons. Mmmm.

See you all soon!

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