Thursday, 13 October 2011

Oh! You pretty things.

Yesterday, I went exploring through Mt Tamborine. I probably blended in with all of the japanese tourists everywhere as I was just taking pictures of pretty much anything. But my first stop, was a lovely little kitschy, retro, inspiring and wonderful shop, known as Kitty's Vintage Kitsch, which I'm fairly certain most of you will have heard of.

I was so excited to finally visit Kitty's shop.

There were lovely radios, 

Pretty pictures, 

Lots and lots of cute kitties

I was so tempted to buy this.

I LOVE these little teacups. They look so cute and plastic-y but they're glass.

I fell in love with the bakelite blender. It's so perfect, but then again, why do I need a blender?

For weeks I've been looking for a gem iron and I just happened to find TWO here. I ended up buying the one on the right and I can't wait to use it.

Words cannot explain the beauty of this.

My grandmother had these exact yellow and green tins. We still have them at my dad's house actually.

This table was just insanely gorgeous.

More pretty stuff..
Only once I had gotten home, did I notice that amazing blue lamp on the left. (I think it's a lamp)

On my way out I noticed this. I would have to say it's easily the coolest this I saw that day.

Next, it was off to Long St. First, we stopped at a cute little fairy shop, which I wasn't allowed to take pictures in, unfortunately.

Then I went to the cuckoo clock shop...

Then I saw some cute cars, 

I watched flying pigs

And then I met a mouse called Randy.

Mama bear found a pretty shop,

Then she bought a pretty dress.

Then I saw more cute cars,

Then we headed home.
See you soon!

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