Friday, 28 October 2011


Okay, I'm sorry. But I'm back. I've been a bit busy over the past two weeks, but anyhow...

I went and climbed a mountain for a protest for Coal Seam Gas.

We went to the highest point of the tippy-top of that mountain way up there.

Then I watched A Clockwork Orange. Which was amazing. If you haven't seen it, then you haven't lived.

Then I went to the park and ate the best macarons ever.

Went op-shopping with Grace multiple times. When I can be bothered to take some pictures of my buys, then I shall post about them.

Then I did loads of practise for Zombie Walk makeup.

Practised a bullet hole on the sister,  Zoe. This is without the blood, obviously.

I didn't get a picture of it when it was properly finished, so this is the only picture I got with blood. But this was when I'd already started washing it off. So it has water on it and half the blood's gone already.

Then a few days later we were off to Zombie Walk.

Creepy face was not intentional. I blinked when the photo was taken. But it looked appropriate anyway.

Bullet hole in my leg. I figured I would pour the rest of the blood on once we arrived, so that I didn't coat the seats on the train in fake blood.

Finally arrived!

Some walkers were cute, 

Some, not so cute.

Some weren't Zombie's, but were still awesome. (Seriously, it''s the Hitcher. Yet again, if you haven't seen The Mighty Boosh, you haven't lived.)

Some people got really into it.

Some were scary,

And some weren't human!

Oh, and there were ALOT of tourists taking pictures.

Then as we were walking home a couple getting wedding pictures taken asked for a photo with us! Coolest.  Wedding photo.  EVER.

That's all for now, folks!

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